Soul Gutter

by Soul Gutter

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The crushing debut EP of Soul Gutter


released October 21, 2016

Heikki Saira - Vocals
Antti Virkki - Guitars
Lauri Heikkinen - Bass
Antti Sormunen - Drums

Recorded at Tonehaven Recording Studio on August I4 - I8, 20I6
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Brooke
All music and lyrics by Soul Gutter
Additional soundscapes by Antti Sormunen and Tom Brooke
Artwork by Antti Sormunen
Released by Soul Gutter



all rights reserved


Soul Gutter Jyväskylä, Finland

Pitch-black hardcore/death metal from the frigid heart of Finland. Est. MMXV.

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Track Name: Idols of Rot

driven through a gauntlet of hunger and fear
an emotional cold your only cut of the yield
smeared your name
ripped the flesh off of your worth
the time is nigh
the hour of the ghoul
go now
rattle those bones

rise to dominance
wear your scars in plain sight
drown the apathy
strike down the locusts in flight

a thousand roads etched into those feet skinned raw
a thousand nights plagued by crippling self-doubt

at last
the redeemer shall be awakened from slumber
at long last
the wretched shall feel this scorched earth tremble
until violently all at once
until a million voices as one

the time is nigh
the hour of the ghoul
go now and rattle those bones

embrace the overkill
choke the flames of persecution
silence the fraudulent
tear down the idols of rot
Track Name: Pariah

from the depths of your shelter
from behind your barricade
fortified with faceless remarks
you spit and rave
in the palm of your hand
the deficiencies of human existence take center stage

alienated by your own thoughts
you crawl along
reaching for the walls
their hands
the light between the cracks

long live the king
a serpent suffocating in its skin
long live the king
a pariah
you're devoured by your own kin
long live the king
no one will hear your pleas

once in a feverish dream
you were destined to lead
as your lone valiant feat
wake up and yield

long live the king
a serpent suffocating in its skin
long live the king
a pariah
you're devoured by your own kin
long live the king
no one will hear you
Track Name: Terra Nullius

this rotted ark keeps drifting on
long gone are discoveries of purity and promise
as the horizon shrinks before our weary eyes

they say we've come so far
when in truth we've been here all along

no toxic deed gone unrewarded
no vile head left uncrowned

forever stranded in this vastness
without a single grain of sand to call home

our signal fires lie dead in torrential rains
where spoils of war get battered by the waves
the house greed built has been trampled under hoof
by the indomitable and incorruptible four

this desolate vista
our judge and jury
the verdict has been reached
this is as good as it gets
Track Name: The Parting

shrinking under the ancient mass
the deafening roar of millennia past
swept away
swept away to be pulled down again
time after time
the memory won't last
drift away
to drift is to settle
ease into the slumber
what never mattered never was
there's nothing to remember
show your face in the light of day

to go off the deep end
yet not leave a ripple at all
the further you swim
the deeper you fall
slipping away into the seaweed maze
leaving the surface forever so calm

devoid of meaning
the chasm runs deep
pull away
away from light
from tomorrow
those barren days ahead
sink beneath
the sobering hum of the pressure building
showering your skin with needles
wearing away the shades of red

to cascade down clad in the finest silk
the string has snapped
the pearls gone along their gleam
resonate with the oldest of notes
igniting your skin
bombarding your bones

waves envelop this bed you sleep in
like a stone in the deep
warmth escaping your body
your eyes no longer see
make way for the storm and let it take you under
inside your cocoon woven in secret
no silence left to keep
Track Name: Martyr

kneel in the dust of the earth
breathe in the air of release
feel proud as you fall on your sword
make sure you are noticed for making us all feel so small

guide us

you stood tall in the face of the plight
in the land of the blind you're the only one who's seen the light

guide us
absolve us
guide us
don't forsake us
Track Name: Cloak and Dagger

you dropped your guard and let it in
a purge by fire
as untamable as wind
your misplaced trust
the combustion
of a cleansing blaze

in these white halls of voices halted still
I'll have my rest and shed my skin
another tarnished canvas to paint anew
rinse and repeat

you will make me whole again
as I carefully peel off the mask
I'll rearrange you perfectly
and undress you of all human limitation
and force-fed degeneration
I'll see to it
that you'll leave them in awe

”as I once again allow myself to wander off into their midst
I look up to see their faces
and they look back to see mine
in their eyes
a reflection of how they think they see me
how they think they know they do
but like gazelles at the edge of the water
they will get to find out soon
that no matter how much they think they are in control
no matter how safe they feel
a shadow is never merely a shadow
and underneath
there is always something to fear”